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If you are an owner or a trainer who would like us to rehome one of your dogs, this is how it works;

All dogs must be fully GBGB bonded, fully vaccinated and spayed or castrated.  If for any reason you are unable to have your dog vaccinated or neutered then we ask that you pay for us to get it sorted out.

When your dog arrives with us the GBGB green form is completed and we manage everything from then on.

Your dog will stay safe and sound with us until the right home is found.  We do not shoe-horn dogs into homes just because a home is there.  We want the adoption to work just as much as the adopter wants it and as much as you want it.

We generally don’t have dogs with us for very long but occasionally one will ‘stick’.  In any event we’ll keep you posted as to how your dog is getting on.

If you would like to place your dog with us for rehoming then please email us on or ring Jayne on 07786541615

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